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Lets propel your business and the people in it through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA).

Imagine unlimited Enterprise-grade RPA capacity, with no contracts tying you up, where you only pay for the minutes a robot runs, including all the licencing, infrastructure, and your own dedicated 24/7 Robotic Operations Control Room.

Many call it a dream; we call it “Run-as-you-Require”. Queue the cheesy music!

You get more than just a robot :

Welcome To Datora

Powering Digital Transformation through Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Who we are

Datora has a mission to help companies accelerate digital transformation, through Intelligent Automation. One where companies can enable every employee to use, create, and benefit from the transformational power of automation to expand the boundless potential of people.

What sets us apart

We live Intelligent Hyper-Automation. Founded in 2011, Datora focuses exclusively on UiPath RPA Intelligent Automation solutions. Not being RPA agnostic, means we provide the highest level of experience, focus, knowledge and workforce in Africa, using the worlds leading RPA Platform. Providing RPA enablement services such as Consulting, Development, Licencing, Implementation, Managed Services and Robotic Operations Control Center Management.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation to get work done

The speed of digital robotics with the power to transform.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) is not going to transform your business by itself. Combine robotics with powerful end-to-end automation, supported by our industry experts, and you can accelerate, grow and maintain your Digital Automation Transformation

Automobile Association

“The benefit of using the UiPath platform was that it was implemented in a short time frame (4-6 weeks), it was not intrusive which meant that little development was required to implement the solution and the benefits was realised immediately.”

J. van der Merwe

General Manager IT

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Intelligent Automation across industries and countries

Automation is a journey.

To stay in the race and stay ahead, you have to start fast. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is non-invasive and lightning-fast. RPA provides high impact and tangible value. 

Want to Hyper-leap ahead of your competition?

Hyper-automation brings together several components of process automation, integrating tools and technologies that maximise the ability to automate work.

It starts with robotic process automation (RPA) at its core, expanding into automation capability with artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, process mining and other advanced tools. The focus is to increasingly automate knowledge work and engage everyone in your organisation to be part of the digital transformation process.

Meet Our Technology Partners

Our Tradio

UiPath Product

Licensing Purchase Range Information Licensing Options Local Support Process Auditing Certified Development Center of Excellence Hyper- Automation Architecture

We specialise exclusively in UiPath. Positioning Datora as one of the most experienced and established UiPath Gold Product and support Partners in Africa. From licencing to post-deployment hyper-care our teams, knowledge, and expertise of UiPath to accelerate your UiPath Intelligent Automation Revolution.

365 Service

RPA Managed ROC

Intelligent Automation as a Service.
From on-demand support to your full 365 management Intelligent Automation department, Datora focuses on day-to-day management, process identification, development, testing, deployment and production monitoring of your UiPath driven Intelligent Automation department.


Business Process Outsourcing

Datora is at the forefront of merging Africa’s Business-Process-Outsourcing and Software-as-a-Service through Intelligent Automation RPA. Datora BPO provides you with a more innovative and nimble approach to traditional BPO services. Our turnkey solutions not only reduces operating costs but provides enhanced, high value and improved service level agreements (SLA) through our BPO Digital Workforce. 


90 Day- Hyper Drive Automation

Our 90 Day Robotic Desktop Automation Accelerator program is the African region’s most proven and implemented 90-Day Automation Accelerator Program. RDA 90HD was designed to jump-start any Enterprise’s Hyper Automation program, whether your business is new to RPA or a unit within your business has limited exposure to RPA technology. Have a look at some of the packages we have to offer.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Services that Support your unique journey.

Give your employees a robot

Imagine if you could give back two hours of every employee’s day. You can if you free them from performing repetitive and mundane tasks like wrangling across systems and process siloes for information. How? Software robots that automate the daily desktop tasks that frustrate your people and slow them down. We call these “Digital Assistant robots.” or attended bots.

These assistant bots collaborate and work for and with your employees. They do work like navigating, gathering, searching, and copying and pasting on the desktop.

Leveraging Assistant robots that simplify the employee experience and workload automatically injects instant ROI into your business. In a matter of weeks, you’ll turn all your service agents, back-office workers, or front-line sellers into productivity ninjas. Creating a happier and more value-driven work environment for you, your employees and customers.

Industries and sectors

Intelligent Automation Industry Impact

Health Care

Our Healthcare networks face pressure to deliver personalised patient-centric health management while also reducing the cost of care. RPA can help Clinical and non-clinical resources can be free up to focus on personalised patient care by reducing the burden of administrative tasks. Including Case Management, Patient Information Presentation, Patient Self-Service, Patient Application Processing, and Hands-Free Check-in

Logistics and Automotive

Intelligent Automatio is desigend for the transportation, automative and logistics industry. From digital transformation to new innovative competition to evolving customer expectations for instant gratification. RPA can take the load off freight management, Improve the customer experience, Streamline your operations, Create efficiency Supply and demand planning and Streamline SAP operations.

Financial & Insurance Services​

Financial Services institutions are under pressure on all fronts as they strive to grow profits and revenues. Finance, Banking and Insurance institutions like yours embrace RPA to speed up compliance, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency in areas such as underwriting, claims management, customer service, broker management and finance

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