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RPA Hyper Automation For Africa

We live RPA Intelligent Hyper-Automation. Founded in 2011 and one of Africas only UiPath Gold partners, who exclusively specialise in Uipath Intelligent RPA Automation. Our experience, teams, partnerships make Datora the leaders in specialised UiPath Robotic Process Automation in Africa.

  • UiPath Gold Certified Development
  • UiPath Licencing & Support Services
  • Intelligent RPA Implementation
  • RPA Hyper Automation

Slide Welcome To RPA HYPER - AUTOMATION Datora builds smoking hot Robotic Process Automation Datora builds smoking hot Robotic Process Automation THE NEXT STEP IN RPA EVOLUTION
RPA at heart with AI in mind


A digital Workforce is an automated virtual team member trained to carry out a business process just like any employee, only faster, 100% accurate and without mistakes. Your Intelligent Digital Workforce offer 24/7 transformation of your business processes.

With a robot for every person, how much more could your bussiness achieve?
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Dynamic RPA Intelligent Automation Services

Uipath Robotic Delivery - The experience, methodology and best practices for Enterprise UiPath intelligent automation.

As one of the oldest UiPath Implemantion Partners in Africa, we have teams, knowledge, and expertise withing accelerate your UiPath Intelligent Autiomation Revolution.

  • UiPath Certified Development
  • UiPath Licensing Options
  • UiPath Hyper- Automation
  • RPA Digital Transformation
  • UiPath Center of Excellence
  • UiPath Roadmap Strategy
  • Deployment Architecture Strategy
  • Uipath Process Auditing
  • UiPath Platform Roadmap

Your Digital Workforce and Intelligent Automation as a Service.

With our industry-leading RPA Software as a service solution, we work with our clients by becoming part of their business. From full management to support department, Datora focuses on day-to-day management, process identification, development, testing, deployment and production monitoring of your UiPath driven Intelligent Automation department.

We live and breath RPA, let our passion become part of your business.

Africas First Business Process Outsourcing as a Service

Datora brings Africa’s first merger of Bussiness Process Outsourcing and Software as a Service through RPA. Datora BPO provides you with a more innovative and nimble approach to traditional BPO services. Not only reducing operating costs but providing enhanced value propositions and improved service level agreements (SLA) are some of the benefits derived from utilising the Datora BPO Digital Workforce.

Datora BPO  in different industries :

  • Credit Recovery: Data capturing and Agent assist
  • Legal Industry: Drafting of legal processes & Automated legal services
  • Insurance: Underwriting services & Claims Managemen
  • Financial Services: Institutional accounting & Reconciliations
  • Telecommunications: Customer charges and suspension requests
  • Banking: Client Onboarding & Fraud prevention

Implementing Digital Transformation in Africa

Datora is a proudly African based company, servicing African business across all industries since 2011. And for that reason, we know and understand the complexities that not only the companies but the people face, striving to build and grow a business in these developing countries. Our vision is to take UiPath RPA to every country across Africa and help businesses, communities and people build a future beyond the fourth industrial revolution.

Countries :

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda

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Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows Bussiness to configure computer software, or a “Virtual Worker” to emulate, mimic and perform the actions of a human interacting within your operational systems to execute a business process. Virtual Workers utilize the user interface of the software to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans would. They interpret, interact, trigger responses and communicate with any system in order to perform the required business process. Working faster, more accurate and 24/7 to keep your business growing


How it's Work

Discover & Plan

Thorugh experience and collaboration, we scientifically plan your RPA implementation, powered by AI


We build and deliver Automation based on methodology and best practices for intelligent RPA automation

Test & Measure

Test and Measure with all departments to ensure the automation meets all key strategic business requirements.

Deploy & Measure

Deploy, manage, measure & Align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes with powerful, embedded analytics

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