What is RPA

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So where does RPA fit into Digital Transformation?

Companies know that they have to go digital, but do they know how to start? RPA is probably the fastest path to digital transformation and one of the most efficient and effective. To better understand why, let’s see first what it is and what it can do.

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is the technology that enables computer software to emulate and integrate actions typically performed by human interacting with digital systems.


The computer software that executes the operations is called “robot”. RPA robots are able to capture data, run applications, trigger responses and communicate with other systems. RPA primarily targets processes which are highly manual, repetitive, rule-based, with low exceptions rate and standard electronic readable input.

RPA solutions can be thought of as virtual robotic workforces, whose operational management is made by the business line (only supported by IT), just like for a human workforce.

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