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Datora primarily goes to market through its defined service offerings.

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With close to decade of experience. We have grown and built our services around the needs of our clients. From UiPath Licencing, implementation and support services. Through to our packaged solution such as APD90 (90Day – Automation Process Discovery and Analysis Services) , ERA365 (Licencing |Discovery | Analysis |Automation Development |Monitoring and Support) and Managed  Robotic Robotic Control Center Services. We have a hyperautomation solution for the velocity and scale, you need.

Core Services

RPA Digital Transformation Advisory Services​

Our experienced and expert consulting team helps you conceive UiPath automation strategy and vision, identify opportunities for automation, develop automation roadmap, design, strategize a Robotic Process Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE), and more.

RPA Development & Implementation​

Datora has an extensive level of expertise in RPA with a strong talent pool of RPA professionals. Our solutions enable end-to-end, multi-process automation for uninterrupted and effortless RPA implementation and maintenance.​

RPA Managed Services ​

Datora’s ROC- Robotic Operations Control Managed Services team supports enterprises with a comprehensive range of services.

UiPath Licencing & Product Services​

Datora is a Gold Certified Partner of UiPath, providing our digital transformation solutions utilizing the Uipath Software range to help customers transform businesses.​

RPA Development & Implementation​

Datora is a Gold Certified Partner of UiPath, providing our digital transformation solutions utilizing the Uipath Software range to help customers transform businesses.​

Our most Utilised Packaged and Managed RPA Services

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UiPath Product

Licensing Purchase Range Information Licensing Options Local Support Process Auditing Certified Development Center of Excellence Hyper- Automation Architecture

As one of the most experienced oldest UiPath Gold Implementation Partners in Africa. By specializing exclusively in UiPath,you are guarantee the Africa’s most skilled UiPath specialists.  From purchasing licencing to  We have teams, knowledge, and expertise of UiPath to accelerate your UiPath Intelligent Automation Revolution.

365 Service

RPA Managed ROC

Your Digital Workforce and Intelligent Automation as a Service. From on-demand support to your full 365 management Intelligent Automation department, Datora focuses on day-to-day management, process identification, development, testing, deployment and production monitoring of your UiPath driven Intelligent Automation department.


Business Process Outsourcing

Datora brings Africa’s merger of Business Process Outsourcing and Software as a Service through Intelligent Automation RPA. Datora BPO provides you with a more innovative and nimble approach to traditional BPO services. Not only reducing operating costs but providing enhanced value propositions and improved service level agreements (SLA) are some of the benefits derived from utilising the Datora BPO Digital Workforce.


90 Day- Hyper Drive Automation

Our 90 Day Robotic Desktop Automation Accelerator programs program is the industry’s most proven and implemented 90-Day Automation Accelerator Program. RDA 90HD was designed to jump-start any Enterprise’s Hyper Automation program, whether the business is new to RPA or a unit within the business hasn’t had proper exposure to the technology. Have look at some of our other packages

Automation is a journey.

To stay in the race and stay ahead, you have to start fast. Robotic process automation (RPA) is non-invasive and lightning-fast. You see the value, and it will make an immediate impact. Want to Hyper-leap ahead of your competition?

Hyper-automation brings together several components of process automation, integrating tools and technologies that maximise the ability to automate work.

It starts with robotic process automation (RPA) at its core, expanding into automation capability with artificial intelligence (AI), analytics,process mining and other advanced tools. The focus is to automate more and more knowledge work and engage everyone in an organisation to be part of the transformation process.
How is hyper-automation important for enterprises looking to scale automation much more effectively?