a Dedicated, Secure and High availability Orchestrator that you will use to deploy, manage and monitor your UiPath Digital Workforce platform. 


The Process Overview

As part of your enterprise UiPath Cloud RPA Robot Licence you get a dedicated ,secure and high availability Orchestrator that you will use to deploy, manage and monitor your UiPath Digital Workforce platform. All managed centrally from your Uipath Cloud Platform, also known as UiPath Automation Cloud.

To get you started on your Automation journey. We need to start by registering and authenticate your new company Enterprise Platform, by going through the UiPath Cloud Enterprise Trial Registration process. This gives you an immediate, read-to-use, Enterprise Cloud Orchestrator. Preloaded with temporary robots and studio licences to allow you to start automating immediately, while your team at Datora processes your order in the background.

Advantages & Uses of UiPath Orchestrator

Some of the advantages and primary uses of UiPath Orchestrator


One can deploy their robots on this platform once they are created and developed completely.


One can schedule when and how the robot must run and what and all should be logged.


If a developer deploys numerous number of robots on the portal, the Orchestrator offers multiple features for the management of these robots. 


It is a very useful feature.  Once developers have deployed their robots, they can manage and maintain these robots using the Orchestrator.


One can monitor the real-time run of the robots using UiPath Orchestrator and see how the robot executes each process defined by the developer. 

Compliance and security

with centralized monitoring, analysis, and audit on a secure, certified.

Data encryption in-transit (https with TLS 1.x) and at rest (AES-256) ISO 27001: 2013 and Veracode certifications across SaaS and on-prem License insights shown across the entire enterprise Audit log of every action in Orchestrator

The latest really is the greatest

Continual improvements, predictably delivered, and backward-compatible

Pluggable integration with core enterprise directory and credential systems including Active Directory, CyberArk, and Azure Key Vault to make management simpler

Queues that include SLAs, schema enforcement, copy/edit queues, and triggers based on new items

Modern folders with inheritance and Active Directory support offer Zero-touch provisioning to AD groups and consistent access removal for compliance

Long-running workflow support keeps humans in the loop—and unattended robots working on other jobs while waiting for input

Unattended robots that support running simultaneous UI-less multiple processes in one Windows session, for better hardware utilization

Access to fully-provisioned Orchestrator capabilities in under one minute with endless scalability when you need it through UiPath Automation Cloud

Some advantages of UiPath Orchestrator

Get Orchestrator your way with consistent
user experience in any delivery mode

Deploy as SaaS with UiPath Automation Cloud, third-party cloud IaaS/PaaS, or on-prem REST API's for standards-based integration with ERP, BPM or 3rd party systems

Uptime guarantee in the UiPath Automation Cloud, or High Availability add-on option on-prem Predictable support lifecycle: frequent feature updates or fewer upgrade cycles are your choice Powerful pre-built integrations with 3rd party products reduce time to automation value Comprehensive online, free, product and API documentation.

UiPath Cloud

  • SaaS with rapid provisioning
  • UiPath-managed
  • Updated by UiPath twice monthly
  • Uptime guarantee included for enterprise.


  • On-premises customer install
  • Customer-managed
  • Updated by customer
  • UiPath High Availability add-on option

Third-Party Cloud

  • On-premises customer install
  • Customer-managed
  • Updated by customer
  • UiPath High Availability add-on option

Keep compliant with a complete audit trail

Orchestrator tracks and logs everything every robot does, along with everything people do with robots, so you can keep compliant and secure. Drill-down dashboards and UiPath Insights give you full visibility from deployment to ROI.


Key capabilities of the Orchestrator


UiPath Orchestrator makes sure that the web portal and the robot deployed, is always connected. This way, the developer has an ease of access even while working remotely. 


The Orchestrator makes available the required environment and also makes sure that configurations are all in place. These can be customized by the user and will be maintained by the Orchestrator. 


Developers can deploy easily when Orchestrator is involved. It makes available the correct packages and offers version control of the same. Post-deployment also, Orchestrator is active and checks the functioning of the robots.


The Orchestrator provides the facility of constant monitoring of the robots. The robots are checked through their heartbeat. In case of emergencies, the owners are notified.


The Orchestrator manages and controls the work distributions Amongst the robots, and keeps a check on the performance as well.


Report logging is also a special feature offered. The logging platform can be SQL database of another platform, based on the choice and configurations, but the log reports are maintained on a regular basis.  


As many robots are required to connect to various third-party applications, the Orchestrator ensures smooth connectivity to each of the applications as and when required.

Long-running workflows let unattended robots move on to another important job while waiting for human input

Add UiPath Insights for rich RPA and ROI analytics over time. Integrations with Tableau, Kibana and Power BI

Manage all your unattended and attended robots centrally, with universal monitoring- and remote control and optimization for unattended robots in the cloud or on-prem

Transaction Queues with predictive SLA’s help robots meet your business deadlines Personal workspaces: everyone can build automations, with centralized control Trigger automations remotely by time, or by a threshold of new queue items Prioritized jobs and queue editing let you change what your robots are working on Business users can respond to long-running workflows from Orchestrator Mobile

To learn more about how Orchestrator and the other UiPath product will unlock the potential of automation at scale in your business